Free & Paid Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for BCBAs

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Continuing Education Units (CEUs) are essential for Board-Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBAs). They serve much more than a mandatory credentialing checkbox. They’re pivotal for professional development, keeping BCBAs updated with the latest trends and practices in behavior analysis. This guide explores top platforms for obtaining CEUs, both free and paid, providing BCBAs at all experience levels with resources to enhance their skills and influence in their field.

Free CEUs for BCBAs

Therapy Brands

Therapy Brands provides more than just educational content; it’s a space where professionals can connect and exchange knowledge. Focusing on user-friendly access and courses relevant to BCBAs’ needs, it offers a valuable resource for those looking to expand their expertise at no cost.

Access the free “Ethics of ABA Supervision” Webinar on the Therapy Brands website to expand your knowledge of ABA ethics and supervision.

ABA Inside Track

ABA Inside Track is renowned for its podcast format, offering a unique twist on traditional CEU acquisition. BCBAs can earn credits by engaging with content that is both informative and accessible on the go. The platform covers a wide array of topics, ensuring that BCBAs can find subjects that resonate with their interests and practice areas.

Consider listening to the free ABA Inside Track podcast, specifically “Episode 119—Providing ABA Services in a Global Pandemic w/ Dr. Francesca Degli Espinosa” and learn how she and her team have responded to the need for home ABA services.

Full Spectrum ABA

Full Spectrum ABA is an ACE provider through the BACB and offers free CEUs taught by doctors or other leaders in the field of ABA. These ongoing professional development opportunities are designed to keep providers at the forefront of any educational or research advancements in the field.

Download the Full Spectrum ABA app to access free CEUs on topics ranging from Behavioral Artistry to Culturally Sensitive Practices in ABA.

Paid CEUs for BCBAs


BehaviorLive specializes in live streaming CEU events, offering on-demand CEU courses, planning and executing hybrid conferences, and providing a platform and support for Behavior Analysts to author CEU content and earn passive income.

For just $30, you can purchase the “Elevate Your Supervision Skills” lecture on Behavior Live and learn how to improve your supervisory skills.


CEUniverse provides on-demand CEUs for BCBAs, offering a range of topics through an online platform. Their pricing model starts at $10 per CEU and includes various savings options such as bundles, rewards points, and country-based pricing, making continued education accessible and affordable for professionals worldwide.

Interested in learning about behavioral strategies to introduce new food to your client? Purchase the “Treatment Strategies for Selective Eaters” module for $20 on CEUniverse.

Behavior University

Behavior University courses are designed to provide high-quality, up-to-date content that’s accessible online and on mobile devices, allowing for self-paced learning. With a focus on both clinical and theoretical knowledge, Behavior University’s CEUs aim to keep professionals updated with the latest knowledge and practices in the field.

Check out the “A Behavioral Approach to ADHD and Anxiety” course for $39 and explore the similarities and differences between ABA for clients with autism from those with ADHD/anxiety disorders.

Choosing the Right CEUs

The journey of a BCBA is one of continuous learning and growth. Whether opting for the flexibility of free CEUs or paid options, the platforms reviewed here offer valuable resources to stay up to date with the latest developments in behavior analysis. By carefully selecting CEUs that align with your professional goals and areas of interest, you can enhance your effectiveness as a practitioner and make a lasting impact in the lives of those you serve.

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